Marketing, Advertising and Selling of

Services and Products for the General Industry.

Serra Enterprises is a Swiss based marketer and reseller of companies, products and services.

Online and Digital Services

For your marketing and sales needs. Created to get your name out there and to get your products moving.

Reach the world through Marketing

Marketing in all forms to enable you to sell your products and services. Reach the world today.

Market Studies and Analysis

Know your market, know your competitor. Know your customer demographic and target the right audience.

Increase Sales and increase Profits

Through effective marketing and having a good sales partner, your business will reach its desired potential.

Marketing and Selling Services

Current Projects and Products.

Serra Enterprises offers Companies and Individuals marketing and selling services in order to assist them in growing their market footprint and product offering.


  • - Private Jet - Aircraft Charter - marketing within the aviation charter industry (Visit)
  • - The Very Good Marketing Company - marketing and sales services (Visit)
  • - Grey Pebbles Design Studio - promoting and marketing of graphic and web design services (Visit)
  • - Mechanical Engineering - consulting on marketing and sales techniques (Visit)
  • - Security Industry - marketing programs and reselling of services and products (Visit)
  • - General Maximus Pet Products - creation of online marketing systems and advertising of products (Visit)